The Second Time Around
This area rug was once a hand woven shawl, it was heavy and was unravelling everywhere. I purchased a huge box of craft supplies and yarns from a garage sale last summer and this was part of that box of goodies. I adore the bright colours, so I took the time to take it apart and save the yarn. What is unique about this yarn is that it is nylon, yes nylon (yes, its very heavy). All winter I wondered what could I make from this yarn, that would be useful and practical at the same time? Well here is what I came up with.

I wouldn't make another one, it was very hard to work, my fingers nearly fell off a couple of times. I also don't really know how to finish the edges without them fraying. I tried weaving in the ends, but this was just too difficult. So, I got the sewing machine out and finished the outside edges with a nice zigzag stitch. I then did a  single crochet over that. I'm not sure this will go through the wash, LOL. But as a little accent mat, its perfect. I will have to back it with that grippy stuff. 
All in all though, the yarn was free and this only took up my time 
(a lot of it). 
I will use this rug until it falls apart and feel good about the bright colours in the mean time. 

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