Proxxon and ME!
I got off to a very slow start with my Proxxon Scroll Saw - however I feel now that by taking my time and preparing myself and my work station, that my success rate will be all that much higher as I delve into the world of woodworking.
Preparation is the key!
As a first time woodworker, I will be honest and say that I was really intimidated by the whole "power" of it all. Sharp objects, moving parts, hard metal. Yes, that's all scary enough. But to be taking on a hobby that up until now, I've only been dreaming about was more that I seemed to be ready for lately. OK, I was so intimidated that I just kept putting things off.
Now I'm ready, I have a perfect table set-up in the shop (hubby is graciously sharing space with me) and I'm learning how to do this all on my own. Hubby is there for trouble shooting, but he's kind of been asked to let me do my thing. Shaking my head in disbelief over all this. I'm a scrapbooker, seamstress, crocheter, not a woodworker (that's hubbies world).
So to start off with, I want to take you along on my scroll saw journey. I'm going to walk you through each step as I'm doing it myself. We are going to learn this together. If you follow my blog and your interested in learning more, then I'm happy you are here and I am going to be doing a lot of "{Scroll Saw adventures with step by step instructions and video, to help take some of the mystery out of it all for you and me both. 
Lets get started - I received my scroll saw from the wonderful people at http://www.proxxon.com/us/index.php
I got my scroll saw out of its box, that was delivered right to my door. I unpacked it and started reading the manual.
Now I'm going to do a video and walk you through the components of this machine and explain all the wonderful features in next weekends video. (I need hubby to help with that - holding the camera).
But for now, here is where I got to.
We had a table that we put together in order to secure the scroll saw to  (you want to secure your scroll saw to something because it helps to stabilize the machine). I'm able to sit down to do my scroll saw work. (luv that!) but I feel like such a lazy woodworker, but, hubby says that's how many woodworkers do their scroll sawing, so I'll take it. LOL
Next I familiarized myself with all of the parts, but mostly with the blades - did you know there are different kinds of blades for different kinds of woods, plastics etc. And did you know that there are two kinds of blades that you use for two different kinds of scroll saw techniques. Ya, I didn't know that either, until I started working with them both. Now I totally prefer the "cross pin type of blade" , it feels more secure to me, but it will only work with "open ended projects". You need the "open cross pin type of blade" when you are doing internal cuts or "closed cuts". I'll explain all that as we go along. Now I hope skilled scroll saw-ers aren't laughing at my technical terms here. I've never scroll sawed, nor have I been around anyone who has. I'm truly learning this as I go along.
Next I went to youtube and watched all the video's I could. There are some great video's there, far better than I feel I could really share. So I encourage you to start there as well, it does help you familiarize yourself at the beginning.
I bought myself some basswood strips from Lee Valley, I was told this is great wood (the softest of the hardwoods) to work with. I also got a good supply of blades with my machine. So that's all you need to get started.
Step 1
Before you can begin scroll sawing. You'll need to set-up your machine and get it all ready for sawing. (that video is coming next Sunday).

Step 2
Step 1 - you want to draw some basic shapes on a piece of paper and attach that paper to the wood you will practice your cuts on. Apply the paper to the wood with spray adhesive or a simple glue will work fine. Just let the glue dry well, before attempting to cut through it. There's no need in getting your blade all gooey.  Remember to allow yourself to make some inside turns, corners and curves, semi-circles are fun to do.

The above photos are just a teaser, because if you come back for next weeks "Scroll Saw Sunday" I'm going to share with you the step by step process of getting started and making your first cuts. It would be a huge post today, if I didn't divide it up into parts. But once we have the basics I have a ton of great ideas and fun projects that I can't wait to share with you, you're not going to find these ideas in any books. I'm hoping to take you from here to producing some modern and unique usable items, using just a scroll saw to produce them. So until next week, thank you for coming by. I hope that I've sparked your interest in scroll sawing (for those who have never done something like this) and/or I hope my more advanced woodworking friends will get a good chuckle from my escapades.
However it gets done, whatever it looks like, I'm not doing this for any other reason than I WANT TO LEARN TO CUT WOOD and hopefully learn to make some cute projects for around my home and yard. I'm not a professional, this is meant to be fun and coming from my perspective as a beginner scroll sawer.
I want to say that from what I've seen so far, I'm totally taken with my Proxxon scroll saw. It is a variable speed scroll saw DSH/E - I'm enjoying the fact that I can adjust the speed with the turn of a knob. The construction of the unit feels so smooth to handle.  It has a large base that I can turn my pieces on (great for the beginner), has very little vibration, a dust collector and quick tension clamp for adjusting your blade tension (I could feel the difference and I didn't know what I was doing) So this seemed pretty important. I know now why this blade tension is important, but when I was first setting things up I could easily feel the tension adjustment. Its meant to be adjusted depending on the different kinds of wood you would be using.
So there, you now know as much as I've taught myself. Next week, I'll show you how to put blades in your machine, adjust tension and work at your first cut.

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