Scroll Saw Sunday

Scroll Saw Sunday
Video 1 - Getting started
Welcome back everyone, one week has passed and I wouldn't allow my scroll saw inexperience to get the better of me. However, I did have small set back just before getting started today and you can see in my video, my frustration is evident. The screw that tightens my blade got striped by accident (hubby did that!!!!) so I wasn't able to make my machine work until this problem was resolved. It did get fixed, but it took some time for hubby to resolve the problem and I lost a whole morning of creating time because of it. So that is why I look glum in my video. I am happy to report, right after this video was taken, I was scroll sawing like a pro and made all the scroll saw cuts in the day of the dead piece (which I will be finishing this week and posting). But for now, what you have all been waiting for....Scroll Saw Basics Part 1.

I will post more on this piece (above) later this week. Next weeks show I will be showing you how to choose wood and cut it for handling in your scroll saw. We are making a trip to the hardware store and we're going to learn what will work and what won't.  Lots to learn on this topic. Thanks for watching and remember to check out ALL the PROXXON products right HERE.

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