Scroll Saw Sunday - Floral Resin Design!

Scroll Saw - Floral Resin Design!
Welcome to another edition of Scroll Saw Sunday. I know I'm not the most timely at getting these posts posted, but I have been trying to get a post out every week. If I commit to a weekly post, then at least I get out into the shop during the week. Sadly however, prepping and creating the whole process in a genre you're unfamiliar with takes much more time than I anticipated. It might come down to making Scroll Saw Sunday happen every other week. LOL
Lets get started, I'm so anxious to share with you my follow-up work into cutting resin, as I outlined in last weeks post.  Once you pour your foundation piece out of resin, the rest of the process is regular scroll sawing. I found cutting into the resin smooth and easy to manage (as a beginner). I was so inspired, I created my own pattern to cut. But as you will see, there  are some design flaws with this pattern, so I won't post it until I have corrected it...but I will post it this week. It was really fun drawing patterns with the scroll saw in mind and where you have to lay your lines for the cuts you will make. Ease of cut and all that!!
I'm finding that I am going a little too fast when I'm CUTTING. Instead of letting the machine do its thing, I've been anxious and have been pushing when I shouldn't be. I just want to see the end result so badly, that I rushed through this a little. Now I know you can't do that if you don't want to spend a ton of time sanding. (shaking my head). Rookie mistakes were many today, so it was a great day at the scroll saw. I would like to say though, that my Proxxon Scroll Saw performed flawlessly. Just a reminder though, bolt down your scroll saw as soon as possible, my machine and I were half way down the street at one point today. (kidding).
Here is the first of many pieces I want to create, its rough, please look past this and imagine a perfected piece. giggle. This measures 5"X5" it is completely made out of Resin.
 Here's how I did it.

Thanks for watching me take my scroll saw journey.  To find out more about Proxxon, like them on facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Proxxon-Tools/121334421259916
See you next week. I'm going to try some 3D raised work, hopefully I'll get a chance this week to work on a pattern. I just love the look of the 3D stuff. 

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