Scroll Saw Sunday

Scroll Saw Sunday - Stencils
Did you ever have a one of those days? Well today must be my day. I set everything up, recorded my whole show, finished my piece and voila...I deleted my recording (I was able to recover it) but my work today was a disaster. First the stencil was all wrong, then the marker didn't mark, then I switched designs, finally, when I got my project cut and started to paint it, the paint all ran into every other color, I had to resort to a complete paint refinish. Ya, all of these were not video worthy moments as you can imagine.
So here is what you would have learned today. Did you know that you can access hundreds of patterns from other sources??
Scrapbookers use stencils
Quilters use stencils
Architects use stencils
What I mean by stencils is the hard plastic kind, with pre-cut designs on them. Here is a sample of what I mean...
If you are lucky enough to have a quilter or scrapbooker in your household, you might just ask to borrow one of their stencils the next time you want to make a cool scroll saw pattern.
What I learned today...
- Use a permanent marker to mark your wood (ONLY WHEN YOU'VE DECIDE ON A DESIGN)
- use up old wood first, especially starting out
- use the correct paint for the job and let it dry between coats
- remember to take your time - cautious cuts = less sanding
- wear your safety glasses
- work in a well ventilated space
- goo gone takes everything off your fingers (this is a great tip)
- a can of spray paint is way quicker and less messy than a brush & tray
I will share my project with you this week, its cute, a little household knick knack.
But it has to dry and it needs to be redecorated. LOL
Thanks to my PROXXON scroll saw, for being the only thing that went right today. I was really impressed with how my scroll saw handled today, now that it has been bolted down to its own table.  Things are getting very serious when you have a dedicated scroll saw work area. LOL
Thanks for stopping by and HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!

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Teresa Kline said...

hi Lee, these are awesome stencils!

sparkle & shine *~*