Prairie Sunset

I think its time I got back to my roots and started creating some interest with my blog. Its been far too long since I've done anything with any serious intent here.

So many of you know I own my own sewing studio now, I teach sewing classes and do alterations and repairs during the day. I've recently joined a number of groups in order to get back into the online world, meet new people with my current passions and have some fun along the way.

One of the groups I do belong to is Sweet Pea Embroidery Designs what I really enjoy about this group is the monthly challenges. I find that if I have a deadline, I'm more likely to succeed in my project. The May Challenge was posted and without hesitation I took on the challenge.

This is the link to the challenge - you can still join if you want. May Sweet Pea Challenge

I started with the 5X7 format for my machine. But quickly after the started I realized that this size would be too small for me to do anything with. So I decided to get creative and double up the size and start making these 5X7 pieces into something worthy of a table runner.

Here is the result of my efforts.
One of the things that really helped me when I was stitching out the patterns was a sample piece. I stitched out a sample piece and would use it as a template for the next image I needed to achieve. So I would lay the sample in the correct position and then take it to my machine, I'd make sure my machine was set up exactly as the sample was positioned next to my machine. 

I'm already working on 7X12 but I've had to resize, so far so good the results are coming along nicely.  I will share when I've got them done. 

CreateAlways Lee