Sew WHAT!!

My love for sewing started very early on. My first memory of the whole sewing process is one I'll treasure forever. My mom made my brother and I sew buttons on my dad's dress shirts one day. She sat us down in the kitchen and handed us both four hole buttons and a needle and thread. Looking back on it now, I realize it was just my mothers way of getting out of doing the job herself and shutting us up at the same time. My brother and I were both young, I'd say 5 and 8  with him being older. Now I'd watched my grandmother sew often by this point, so this came easier to me than my brother. The poor boy was neither interested in sewing or hanging out with his sister. I'm sure I laughed at him all the way thru the process. But the lesson here certainly proved a couple of things, I loved sewing and my family found a new scapegoat for all their mending needs.....and so it began!!

Making this little wall hanging has great meaning to me, in so many ways (all family) and all wonderful memories. Alice my grandmother would be so proud at how far I've come as a seamstress. But honestly I sing her praises each time I'm up against a tricky pattern or idea......she taught me everything one needs to know about sewing. She was a professional seamstress most of her life. Thanks grandma, I think of you often and miss you more!


Scrap'n With Flair said...

Hey Lee!!! Fantastic photobox. :) I love the zipper flower. Thanks for sharing

Scrap'n With Flair said...

Hey Lee!!! Fantastic photobox!! :) I love the zipper flower. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

I am now an instant fan and follower ~ Hi, from a fellow Hiver :O)