One Yard Tote Bag - Free Pattern

Do you need a quick and easy gift for someone in your life? This is the perfect bag to carry some books, lunch or shoes in. 
I can't believe how quick it sewed up, with easy to follow instructions and it uses up small fabric cuts very well. 
 Step 1 - print the paper with the little square on it. Your printed square should measure 1" by 1" This is a test square and all PDF's have one of these "test squares" When you print out your pattern you need to make sure it is printing out in the size of the pattern you require. And so you do a test page first with this square on it, if its printing at 1'' then you can be assured that the pattern will be printing in the correct size as well. Go ahead and print your pattern.

Step 2 - Assemble your pattern pieces, tape them together and cut them out. Place the pattern piece on top of the fabric that you will use for the bag, because this bag is reversible you will need 2 outside pieces that match and two inside pieces that match. 
(Please note: if you want to make your shoulder straps longer, now is the time to lengthen the straps.) 

Step 3 -Once you have your four bag pieces cut, its time to embellish. For this example I ironed double sided iron on adhesive (Heat and Bond Lite) to the wrong side of my blue jean fabric and also attached Heat N Bond to the back of my floral fabric. I kept the backing paper on so I could draw the flower pedal shapes onto it, this made it easy to cut out.

Step 4 - I cut out my shapes, peeled the backing off and placed them where I wanted them to be on the right side of my fabric. And ironed them in place.

Step 5 - Now its time to do a little applique stitching around the edges of my floral design. I like heavy contrast on my work as you can see, I like things to be noticed.
I used a medium width zigzag stitch all around my designs.

Step 6 - Once I had the applique work completed, it was time to sew up my bag. Following the instructions, it said to sew the side seams only. And remember to clip your outside curves (this helps the corners lay flatter).

Step 7 - Put one bag inside the other. Wrong sides together.  Stitch around the openings with a basting or small zigzag stitch, just to secure your in and outside pieces together. (this will make it easier to attach the binding in the next step.

Step 8 - Pin and attach your binding.

As I am just getting back into sharing my sewing projects, I hope you will like my page and start following along. I have set up videos as well and look forward to giving you a place to come and have some fun and hopefully you will learn a trick or two about sewing along the way.
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